Personal Touches and a Focus on Fun

PGA Professional Eric Solander talks PGA Family Cup success

Indian Wells Golf Resort’s PGA Lead Teaching Professional Eric Solander is no stranger to the junior golf circuit. Coaching PGA Jr. League teams, The First Tee of the Coachella Valley as well as Operation 36 programs, he understands the potential to turn a single experience into a lifelong passion.

Eric hosted his first PGA Family Cup event last week, a 9-hole scramble that he filled quickly through text messages and personal invitations to families. He timed it to end just before his facility’s popular after-dark Shots in the Night experience and offered free admission to the event to participating families.

Easily the most successful part of the event? Eric and his staff went around to every participating family to personally thank them for coming, take their picture for the included PGA Family Cup frame… and hand water guns to the kids. After all, it’s hot in the desert, and who could resist a water gun fight?!

Plus, Eric saw first-hand the engagement benefits of PGA Family Cup with non-golfers when a mom approached him afterward to sign up for his adult programs.

“It’s almost like a company scramble. The non-golfer gets invited and ends up having a great time, so they want to start taking lessons. I’m not thinking about the kids and adults who are great at golf. I’m thinking about the 4-year-old I haven’t met yet who sees his 10-year-old sister having a blast, playing with water guns, and realizing that golf is cool.
Family at Indian Wells event

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