3 Reasons to Try Golf as a Family in 2021

Why a PGA Family Cup experience is great for all ages and abilities

Looking for a few reasons why golf could be your family’s sport in 2021? Check these out:

Spend healthy, quality time outside together.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that family time and human connection are more treasured than ever. And since playing golf gives us the opportunity to physically distance ourselves from others, it’s an ideal activity for families quarantining together. Best of all, time on the course out in the fresh air means we’re not in front of our screens.

Pick up a game that can be enjoyed by all ages, for a lifetime. 

Golf is arguably THE family sport. There’s not many activities that allow for grandparents to play alongside grandchildren! All ages and abilities can learn, play and love the game. PGA Family Cup teams are multi-generational. How cool is that?

Learn from the experts, and play at your own comfort level. 

News flash: when playing with your family, it’s OK pick up your ball, sit out a hole or two, or generally bend the rules a bit! PGA Family Cup programs are led by PGA and LPGA Professionals, who are the experts in golf. They can help you get into a clinic or lesson to brush up on your skills, and they’ll help you feel comfortable navigating the course in a way that fits your family’s needs and playing ability.

Find a PGA Family Cup experience near you and register today!